Monthly Archives: February 2012

Support Your Friends

Today has been an interesting day.  Usually, I get motivated and spurred on to write these posts based upon what I’ve learned.  But today, there hasn’t been any things to stand out.  Instead, these words are getting pushed out, forced out.

Life has become very busy, but should it be an excuse or reason not to find something throughout the day to write about?  Life isn’t boring.  There’s always something that could be taken away from the day.  The choices we make have a direct influence on how we summarize the day.  Do we do this, or that?

Tonight, I chose to support my friends in a triathlon, rather than attending Wednesday night Bible study.  Even though I dislike missing church and missing out on my mid-week spiritual rejuvenation, I was glad to support my friends.  So, even though there may be opportunities for choices, whether you should do one thing or another, be there for your friends.  Be there for your family.

Accept the fact we weren’t meant to be hermits.  Yes, some may live isolated lives, but our individual choices are meant to be made for others, to serve others.  Make the choice to help or support someone today.


Offer a Listening Ear

Today, I chose to get away from the house and concentrate on my studies.  The location of choice was Panera Bread.  All throughout the day, people would come and go.  Individuals, families, and so on.

Towards the end of my stay, I was thinking about approaching a woman that was by herself eating.  And it wasn’t about attraction or anything like that at all.  It was more like, “why don’t I go introduce myself and offer her an ear to listen.”  Why is she alone?  Is she lonely?  Does she need help?

You know, thinking back throughout the day, I saw several people all by themselves.  I was thinking on the lines of, what if they’re having a bad day?  What if they don’t have anyone to turn to?

I could make someone’s day by simply offering to listen to them.  We were put on this earth to serve others.  Even strangers in a restaurant.  What’s wrong with introducing oneself to a random stranger and being friendly?  After leaving for the day, I realized my mistakes.  I should have taken these opportunities to reach out to others, even if that is to offer a listening ear to a complete stranger.

Have you ever encountered such a random instance of giving and gratitude?  Has anyone ever offered to pay for something in public?  I have.  I’ve encountered those random moments of kindness.  Next time I find myself in an opportunity to reach out and help someone, I’m going to take it.

Valentine’s Day Special

Is it a special or is it special?  Do we find ourselves each year giving praise to our loved one’s via chocolates, hearts, poems, flowers, etc simply out of love?  Of course we do!  As you may have noticed, I have a lot of hypothetical questions I ask, but then answer them.  They should be obvious.  It’s the same with what we do on this day.  We go out of our way to show our appreciation and love for our significant others.  Even if we may find ourselves on the losing end of a relationship, which may be uncertain or rocky, it’s the thought that counts.  It’s the effort and time one has sacrificed to show gratitude to another.  It’s about the heart.  It’s about giving yourself to someone wholly.  Not just on the easy days.  Not just on the holidays of which products and goods are bought and given.  But it’s on the rough days you contemplate why you’re doing this and that, when you haven’t received anything in return.  Just like my reciprocity post.  This day isn’t about receiving, but giving and showing your true love for someone.  For some, this isn’t a special day.  There’s no significance associated.  And that’s perfectly fine.  We may actually be better off this way because we don’t or shouldn’t need a holiday to find a reason to be thankful, kind, and gracious.  We should be embellishing our loved ones each day.  We should also not take these people for granted.  Give credit where credit is due.  Don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel.  Don’t use this day as a reason to care for someone or be over-the-top.  Once you’ve taken someone for granted and haven’t appreciated them to what they deserve, it’s a steep hill to climb.  But if you’re willing, and you think it’s worth it, use this Valentine’s Day to pour out your heart to the one you are truly meant to be with.


Before I get into the daily embrace, I apologize if some of the posts are similar.  I’m going to talk about reciprocity today.  This means an exchange, cooperation, or mutual effort.

Just as I’ve mentioned before, we’re torn between doing things for ourselves and doing things for others.  In effect, when we do things for other people, we expect something in return.  “I did this for you, so I should expect something in return.”  Have you ever felt like you haven’t been recognized for doing something nice?

Whether it’s for a loved one or not, have you ever felt you’re the only caring one in the relationship?  Well, I’ve experienced both sides.  First, with my egotistic behavior and background, I let my interests and needs come before family and friends.  There wasn’t any reciprocity.  There wasn’t mutual effort taking place on my side.  I wasn’t putting in the time and effort necessary for healthy relationships.  For it to work, both parties must be willing to put the time and effort in.

But now, the shoe is on the opposite foot.  I now understand and empathize with the people that were trying so hard with me before.  Receiving nothing in return isn’t a bad thing.  Rewards are nice, but aren’t necessary.  Experiencing no reciprocity has really made me grow as an individual and as a Christian.  Even if you may be the only one putting in effort and trying to make things right, we must not give up or give in simply because we aren’t getting anything in return.

Find courage.  Find strength.

Be the one that’s willing to accept whatever fate there may be, even if it’s putting yourself in a position of opening yourself up to which you’ve never before.  Rise above ones that may say it’s impossible.  Rise above yourself for a change and realize it’s much bigger than you.  Rise above everything else, just as Jesus did when He died on the cross for us.  Remember His pain, remember His suffering.

Cut From the Super Bowl

The day after the Super Bowl, there needs to be a post about that, right?  Of course!  The story I’m going to choose is what happened even before the first snap.  A wide receiver of the Patriots was cut the day before the game.  Could you imagine getting let go the day before the biggest game of your life?

In response, he didn’t complain or argue, but rather accepted his fate and wished his former team all the luck and success. His response was very powerful, “this will only make me stronger, tough times never last, but people do.”  This is exactly what it’s all about!  Finally, a professional athlete that gets it.  No complaining, no big story.  This is exactly how we should feel and be each day.

Life isn’t given to us.

There are challenges lurking and showing themselves all the time in our lives.  We cannot escape this reality.  There are going to be ups.  There are going to be downs.  Just like with this football player, it’s how we deal with the situation that makes us who we are.  Anyone could make excuses or complain, but it takes a lot to admit mistakes and realize some things are just bigger than you.  What may be in our best interest may not be for the whole.  And this is a tough realization to accept.

But through God, our acceptance will be forever through Him.  Live each and every day for Him.  Give your problems and challenges to Him!