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Unplug, Please!

Have you ever noticed when you’re with a group of friends at a social gathering, whether it’s at a bar or sporting event, how often people conversate with their phones?  So what’s the point of even traveling to these social gathering places if you’re not going to conversate with each other in person?

Yes, all you skeptics may say, well, I’m doing both, talking to the friends here and talking to friends elsewhere.  But why not give your full attention and not worry about sending a text, “omg, fyi, this is so boring, I should have never came.”  Do something about it!  Give your all to your friends and family.  That includes your attention.

Put the cell phone away and ignore it, why not even turn it off.  People will survive a few hours without your funny complaining text messages.  My point is we need to realize the technology we’ve become obsessed with is ruining our relationships.  Everything is so superficial now.

Take Facebook.  People on Facebook are only living their lives through their best lens.  They aren’t going to post bad pictures of themselves or anything to deter other peoples’ perspectives.  We’ve become so obsessed with other peoples’ lives and celebrity status.  Why not physically embrace and actually put the effort into sustaining relationships?!  The same goes for our relationship with God.  We’re not fooling Him when we aren’t putting in the effort, even though we want so much out of the relationship.

We try to deny mistakes and inadequacies in our lives.  Consequently, we begin to live through an ideal, yet unrealistic Facebook lens, that we try to deny or neglect all the bad things that happens in our life.  We simply cannot do this in our relationship with the Lord.  But the good thing is, He can carry the burden of all of our troubles and issues.  But first, we must accept Him into our lives, truly give time to Him and put Him ahead of everything else.


Reminisce, Don’t Dwell

Have you ever made a mistake/s in your life?  We all have.  But have you made a mistake so big that you try to deny it’s existence and you try to move on by cutting yourself off from anything associated with that incident?

Well, I have.  It’s not good.

Even though we all want to forget about all the mistakes we’ve made, it’s not realistic about how you should handle such a situation.  We must embrace all the consequences, as hard as it may be.  Whether or not we know it, the distance we put between the incident or the people associated, the more we’re hurting ourselves and also the people involved.  But what’s there to worry about?  Are you afraid of embarrassment, disappointment, deceit, lying, etc?

Whatever the reason may be for avoidance, there’s going to be a day of reconciliation, that you’ll eventually have to face this issue.  The more we can face our problems and issues, the faster forgiveness may come.  Nothing is unforgivable, whatever the circumstance may be.  God is waiting for you, if you haven’t sought Him out yet.   He died on the cross for us, so we can be forgiven.  There’s no such thing as unforgiveness in His eyes.  I ask Him forgiveness for my past actions all the time.  I’ve come to accept my mistakes I’ve made in the past.  Reminisce with friends and family of previous behavior, don’t dwell, and to ask forgiveness from the Lord is the only thing you can do, He will take care of the rest.

Travel With Nothing But Your Thoughts

What’s the longest you’ve ever been on the road, alone?  The longer the trip, the more your thoughts invade your attention.  Whether these are good or bad thoughts, we get stuck and consumed by our inner self.

Intricate, unanswerable questions plague our intimate conversations.  What if?  Should I?  Shouldn’t I?  What happens if I do this or that?  These questions are strange, remote to our answerability.  Our expectations of the unknown are usually ideal.  But it’s the uncertainty that invade our ideal perspectives.  It’s hard because we always want the best or expect the best from circumstances.

We live in an ideal, high expectancy society in which such things like the “American Dream” is possible and expected for us to believe and think.  So of course, when we travel along, destination and outcomes unknown, we still expect some decency and benefits to go our way.  Traveling a long distance only to be let down, whether it’s to visit someone or shop to find nothing, we get to experience that emptiness of the disappointment.

Our lives are filled with these moments of let down.  Whether it’s from traveling long distances or doing bad on a test or exam, our outcomes may not be what we expected or wanted.  Instead of focusing on the outcomes, we need to reflect on the process and the journey of travel.  We tend to forget the tedious and time consuming effort that goes into the exhaustive preparation.

Same goes with relationships and our relationship with God.  We need to put so much more time into these relationships than we may get out of it.  But, it’s necessary to give our time to Him, even if things aren’t going our way, we still must continue to serve Him.  He will never disappoint YOU!

Putting Up The White Flag

Uncle.  I give up.  I give in.  I surrender.  These terms are signs and concessions of defeat.  Whether we’re hurt or mentally/physically spent, giving in and admitting defeat is very difficult.  We’re human.  We hate admitting our faults and wrongs.

During our upmost difficult times, we don’t know when to surrender until it’s too late.  Or other times, we’re too stubborn to ask or seek help.  It’s as if we always want to swim without getting wet.  But instead, our bodies must be submerged to be able to swim.

A similar correlation between our relationship with God.  We must surrender ourselves completely.  We cannot simply dip our toes into the water, expecting our problems to be solved.  A complete submersion is necessary for God to move in your life.  Surrender yourself completely to Him, always!

Make Time From the Time You Don’t Have

It’s so hard to do all the things we have scheduled for the day.  Have you ever done so much in one day that  you think it’s already the next day?

It’s hard to get consumed by the things we NEED to do.  It’s hard because there’s always this and that, people to see, things to do.  We calculate and estimate our schedules weeks, even months in advance, to schedule weddings, weekend visits, and other such things. Do you schedule time for God?  Do you leave room on your schedule to simply pray and ask Him for patience throughout your hectic schedules?

If you continue to tell yourself “I can’t” or “I’m too tired,” then you will be.  But God says, “You can do all things” and “I will give you rest.”  You simply have to leave room for Him.  When life is hitting you like a freight train, these are the moments He’s expecting you to call to Him.  As a result of your obedience, He will come into your life in His way, in the most unexpected, yet powerful circumstances and will change your life!  All you have to do is make time from the time you think you don’t have.

Explaining Away Our Problems

We have the tendency to work through our problems, negative qualities, and weaknesses.  Think about this for a second, have you ever found yourself in a situation where your conscious is thoroughly going down a mental checklist of bad vs. good and your resulting action is carried out because YOU think it’s acceptable?

In other words, we make excuses, take it a step farther and think the excuse itself is understandable.  We become satisfied with not only the excuse, but also the action associated with the excuse.  It’s as if we can live with our bad habits.  It’s as if these bad habits aren’t detrimental.  But in retrospect, they are defacing our character. 

Trying to deceive ourselves.  Not accepting reality.  Discrediting conviction.  We’re all guilty of this, aren’t we?  “No, it cannot be.  This couldn’t happen to me of all people.”  As I said before, these psychological games we play with ourselves are a Catch-22 situation, an endless loop of problems turning into excuses, excuses turning into problems.

In relation to exercising and a healthy diet, straying away from such things like: waking up for an early morning run, eating a healthy, protein filled breakfast, or practicing healthy food selections when eating out, will be a domino effect.  It’s so easy to hit the snooze button early in the morning.  And what’s always going through our mind at the time the alarm goes off?  “I’m so tired, I can just sleep instead of running or working out.”  We’ve all been there.

We explain away our problems, so blamelessly and comfortably.  And it’s not until we’ve put on weight or experience a health issue we become conscious these small actions and habits are detrimental to accomplishing our goals.

Designer Children Part I

Could you imagine looking through a catalog of eye colors, hair color, body shape and type, muscle size, height, weight, and other character qualities, physical characteristics, or immunity to diseases, just as if you were shopping for an engagement ring, with all different styles and sizes?

My Sports Ethics course has really open my eyes to the notion of “designer children” and this idea’s infinite implications.  The idea is essentially to choose what your child will look like, how much hypertrophy they may acquire, eye-hand coordination, good looking features, and so on.  Now, understand, this topic was under and associated with performance enhancing drugs, for example, anabolic steroids and their use among athletes in sports.

In retrospect, designing our children would be a performance enhancement, beyond the luck of children being born by two athletic parents or physically blessed people.  Do we or should we allow such a practice to even take place?  Can we be ok with playing God, all for the advancement of superior physical/athletic abilities?  If we love exercise, fitness, bodybuilding, do we want to give our children a “step above” everyone else to advantage them to be a fitness model/bodybuilder?  Or is it ok to alter the genetic code for health purposes, to diminish or prevent cancer or other diseases?

What do you think?