Thrift Store Experience

Today’s daily embrace, involves an eye opening experience at a thrift store today.  Long story short, I was there to find a tea cup/plate set.  All the while I was browsing through the isles, I couldn’t help, but imagine relying solely on this store for everything including: clothes, shoes, appliances, and so on.  I’ve been on both sides of the wealth spectrum, with a very poor childhood, I relied on ‘hand-me-downs’ from my brother and cousins.  My parents provided as much as they could to my brother and I.  And while my dad was in and out of jobs, my mom’s salary wasn’t enough to be completely well off, but more so, just enough to get by.  Do I regret anything from my childhood?  No, never!  My parents did a good job not letting their financial stresses affect us.  We were in our own little ‘creative bubble’ where we provided our own fun.  We didn’t need the superficialness of video games or other toys to have enjoyment.  I remember taking trips to the thrift store as a child.  Not thinking anything of it, I thought it was normal not to have something new.  As the years went by, my parents began to settle into their careers, providing more and more, now able to live very comfortably.  Having experienced the low of lows as a child and experiencing the comfort of a middle-class lifestyle, I am able to see and appreciate things more.  Most people may not even fully comprehend and understand the hardships of people that rely solely on thrift stores.  I hope we can all reflect on how good we have it in this country, even if it means buying household items from thrift stores.  To have such resources available to the poor is an outstanding reflection on the power of giving.  Serve others by giving and in doing so, may provide for many.  Visit your nearest thrift store and see if you have a similar experience.


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