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Have You Fallen on Your Face?

I was recently listening to Klove via internet radio and a listener called in to tell a story.  She let her child “fall on her face” (not literally) with a school project she didn’t want to do with her.  So the mom let her turn the project in partially done.  And of course, it’s from the stance that the girl would take something away from this experience.

Have you ever “fell on your face” and completely failed at doing something or forgot an assignment?  Don’t you hate that roller coaster heart drop once you’ve realized your mistake?

Yes, we’ve probably all been there.  A major screw up seems inevitable.  But it’s not about the mistake we’ve made, it’s how we react to it.  Do we learn our lesson or do we continue to make the same mistake over and over?  If you’ve been trying to change, whether it’s a bad habit or what, we always seem to catch ourselves either before or after.  Or we are oblivious of our actions and feelings.  In essence, we don’t realize we’ve been sucked back into the same lifestyle until we’ve literally fallen on our faces.

We become desperate for help.  We want change again.  It’s different this time, right?  Of course.  It’s always different.  Doesn’t matter what you tell yourself or others, it’s up to YOU to keep that change.  YOU, yourself are the obstacle, not anyone else.  Ask Him for strength and YOU will change!


Cast Away Feelings

Before I get into anything, I wrote an entire post, expecting it to be what I wanted to convey, but a more appropriate thought came along and instead, this is the post:

We all make mistakes.  We’ve all isolated ourselves on our own island of mistakes.  Whether we’ve hurt loved ones or made unforgivable mistakes, the thought of question and wonder about why we did it is inexplicable and unbearable.  The weight of guilt and anguish is too much for one to bear.  But just like Tom Hank’s character in the movie Cast Away, the only thing we can do is to keep breathing.

Even though we cannot move on together, I must always remember to breathe because tomorrow, “the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring in.”

This is true.  As hard as this has been, logic says, life will continue.  Even though my plans didn’t work out and it didn’t end with a fairytale ending, life will continue.  God will provide.  

And as hard as it’s been, God will always appropriately and perfectly control the tide; who He brings into our lives.  We just have to patiently wait.

But we must always continue to breathe.

Chicago’s Lakefront “Parkour” Trail

My buddy and I just got back from a run.  The trail of choice was Chicago’s Lakefront Trail.  Weather was windy, with Lake Michigan’s waves crashing against the rocks, throwing lake spray against our faces.

Even before our 3 mile journey began, we encountered an enormous, unjumpable puddle.  We had to cross it.  No other choice.

The puddle was at the end of a tunnel and there wasn’t any other way to cross the busy Chicago freeway besides through this tunnel.  And the only two options we had were 1) running through it, getting our shoes and ankles completely wet/ruined.  Or 2) monkey our way across the pipes along the tunnel wall.

Option 2 was our choice.  Lo and behold, my buddy was somewhat successful, only letting his feet get wet at the end.  So I took off my shoes, passed it over the ‘lake’ and began to journey my way over along the pipes.

Sliding one hand at a time, my hands crossed over pipe supports, just like a rock climber, trying to find his grip and foot holds.  The biggest challenge was at the end of the tunnel, where the piping turned.  So that meant, I had to drop down to the lowest pipe, all the while keeping my feet high enough so they didn’t get wet, as to the demise of my buddy’s ‘not so dry’ puddle journey.

I eventually made it across successfully.  Only to prematurely celebrate even though our run barely started.

We finally finished back at his apartment, only to reflect on our random, “parkour” moment.  The run wasn’t the highlight, but more so Ethan Hunt’s Mission Impossible stunt move.

Remember, when you have your mind set on a goal, don’t let anything get in the way!  Attempt any obstacle, even though you may slip and get wet!

Don’t Skimp!

I recently read an article about the things you shouldn’t skimp or go cheap.  Things like vacum cleaners or food, essentially comes back to bite us in the end.

I’ve had the same mentality for quite a while now, especially with the food you buy at the grocery.

I pay extra for the healthier/fresh foods, so then I don’t pay more on my health later in life.

Our bodies are like well-oiled vehicles.  Whatever we put into it, high octane, pure oil or gasoline or whatnot, the better it’s going to run.  The same goes for our bodies.  After a prolonged period of time eating junk food, fast food, high fat content food, and so on,  we’re eventually going to see the consequences.  It’s amazing how much our diet reflects how we see ourselves and how we feel.

And it’s not about a morning cup of coffee, whether you’ve had your caffeine jump start or not, it’s about getting as many veggies and fruits into your diet as possible.  Try to have an apple, instead of chips for a snack.  If you’d like to have a cute date night with a significant other, go shopping together, choose healthy options, and fix it together.

The more we get educated on healthy food options and making such food taste wonderful, the more we will be apt to buy and eat these foods every day.  Your diet can be correlated with your relationship with God.  The more time you spend with Him, whether it’s in prayer or His word, the more fulfilling your life will be.

Don’t skimp!  Take the time to establish your relationship with Jesus Christ and your diet.

Don’t Be Lazy

Be persistent.  Be hard working.

God didn’t mean for us to be lazy couch potatoes.  It’s not in His plan to sit and wither.  We were designed in His eyes to grow and flourish.

By growing, we must be persistent and hard working.  We must never give up, even if we may feel like we’re down for the count.

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?  Run in such a way as to get the prize.”-1 Corinthians 9:24

If you feel you haven’t been rewarded for all the things you’ve done in your life, please, continue because one day it’ll all pay off.  When you watch someone accomplish something they’ve wanted so bad, the pride and joy of watching them achieve such a feat is beyond incomprehensible.

Make someone proud today, don’t give up!

Doomsday Preppers

I was recently watching a new television show on the National Geographic channel called Doomsday Preppers.  The show follows families that have outlandish ideas of how the world is going to end, market crash, national disaster, nuclear holocaust, and so on.

It’s not that these ideas are farfetched,  but their lifestyles and how they’ve prepared themselves.  Whether or not their predictions will come true, their adherence to preparations and lifestyles will continue.  They see a potential for a universal change or alteration in their daily lives.  They expect something to happen.  So why not be prepared?  Is it as outlandish as we really think?

Yes, these people seem very eccentric, but do we have the right to say they’re wrong?  Experts judge their lifestyles and how they’ve prepared themselves, from water and food stores, to personal protection, experts tell them where they stand on survival.

We can use these shows either as a comic relief or as a learning tool.  No, it’s not reasonable everyone should simply start buying tons of rice and canned goods, but more so being ready.  Yes, our world has become very unsteady and anything could happen.  The Lord’s second coming is closer than it was yesterday.  We should begin to seek out His name and His Word daily because the day of judgement may be closer than we think.

Something More

I just want to let you know I’m not here to lecture about anything.  What to do, what not to do.  I’m here to talk about what I’ve experienced, what I’ve endured, things that have changed my life.

I don’t expect anything in return.

I don’t want to make you feel insecure, uncomfortable, or upset for not doing certain things.  We all have a choice.  We all have options and decisions to make.  We’re all mature enough to make our own decisions. We have the power of choice.  We want to be in control of our lives.  We want to be in control of our lives through the choices we make.

It’s not about control, bu about the choices.

Do we make the choice to go out of our way to help someone today?  Do we have the choice to ignore people?

We have choices to make.

Do we make the choice to simply fit in?  Or do we make the choice that’s not the norm?  We may be in pain.  We may be suffering.  We have a choice to take that step forward.  We have a choice to not give up.  If you want to do something today, do it!  Who’s stopping you?!  We were all created for a purpose, a purpose much bigger than the negatives or putdowns of people that told you, you couldn’t do something.

If you don’t believe me, go to the video page, and watch Something More with Nick Vujicic.  I have faith in you today and always!