Don’t Live by Fortune Cookies

“There is a prospect of a thrilling time ahead for you.”  

This isn’t a scripture or saying from a respected president or philosopher, but more of fortune cookie ingenuity.  Why have I kept this slip for quite a while now?  Why have I kept it on my desk, where I spend the majority of my time?  Do I keep it in front of me as a reminder of something bigger?  Of course, that’s why I did it.  But why a fortune cookie?

To put simply, I was looking and searching in the wrong places for answers.  Just how I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we tend to find ourselves lost among the distractions and emptiness of material goods, including “wise” sayings of politicians, philosophers, teachers, coaches, and other respected persons.  Fortunes predicted by chinese food establishments are false hopes.

As wise and philosophical they may seem, our lives shouldn’t be constructed around such things.  Instead, put your faith in something more resolute, the Bible and the true proclamations of the future you will have in Him.  I am now throwing away the fortune.  No longer, no more, am I living a life for anything but Him.  There’s life, there’s a future.  There’s a thrilling time ahead for all of us.  Not because some Chinese fortunes say so, but because of the lives WE may live through His sacrifice!


About jthealthyfit I am passionate about health/wellness, nutrition, sports and most importantly, my relationship with God. I have a Bachelor of Science in Health and Sport Studies from Miami University and a Master of Science in Sports Administration from Valparaiso University. I am a corporate wellness coordinator and personal trainer in Columbus, OH. Please email me for personal training rates at I'm excited to be working with you, God Bless! View all posts by jthealthyfit

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