What’s the Most Important Thing in Your Life? Part III

So, what’s your answer from yesterday’s post?  How do we expect to change when we don’t put in the time and effort?

Well, I’ll give you a few pointers, of which I’m also working on and always striving to achieve.

You must be anchored!  Just like in the previous post, if you aren’t securely planted in your Godly ways, your past habits and distractions around you will engulf you without any hesitation.  One way to stay anchored is to have the Word of God in your mind, always.

Second, worship in the presence of a pure heart.  Meaning, when you go to church and worship Him, do it with a clear conscious, not worrying about work, or kids, or your significant other.  Be in the light of Jesus and only Him.  Worship is a connection with Jesus and there must not be anything between you and Him.

Third, you must surround yourself with other believers.  This support system is critical to your growth in Christ.  They will accept you for who you are.  You don’t have to worry about ‘putting on a face’ or acting just to fit in.  They will pick you up in His name when you are down.  They will pray for you.  They are your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. 

Just recently, I took part in a Friday night Bible study.  If you told me I’d be at a Friday night Bible study three years ago, rather than partying, I’d think you were crazy.  But that’s how God works.  He’s amazing.  And to think of it, I really haven’t had a group of Christian friends I could turn to.  I’ve always had secular friends.

And when I was there, in the presence of my brothers and sisters in the Lord, a light bulb came on, “where have I been for so long, not to seek out this support group myself?”

If you can do the three things mentioned above, your faith WILL develop.  It takes time of course.  It takes dedication.  It takes sacrifice.  It takes giving yourself up.  But next time someone asks you, what’s the most important thing in your life, you can truly say, my relationship with Jesus Christ!


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9 responses to “What’s the Most Important Thing in Your Life? Part III

  • LexoKat

    I had a ‘talk’ with God yesterday and I was confessing Him how much I love Him and that I would actually dedicate my whole life to him (as in go to a church and stay there forever) IF I didn’t have the character and personality I have.
    I don’t know how I can put this into words without you misunderstanding. It’s like, a very big part of my life goes to Him, but not all of it, because I am me, I want to study, I have my high goals to reach and that kind of stuff. I mean, everything I do and it succeeds, I’m thanking him and I’m doing so even if it doesn’t succeed, but what I do, I do it for me, because that’s what I want.
    No one will ever see me in a random church, in the corner of the street or no one will ever see me doing the sign of a Cross in front of every church I see. No. I’m not a hypocrite. I have just some churches I go to, because nowadays you can’t really trust everyone, not even some of those priests who are PAID to listen to you. I’d rather have my own ‘talk’ with God, without having it through a paid priest. I’m not saying that most of them are like this, but I need to know the person before saying everything about me and my life.

    I hope I gave you an idea of what I think, without confusing you too much.

    • jthealthyfit

      I think I understand, but I think it’s my sleep depravity and all the writing/reading I’ve been doing that’s blocking my clear thinking. So I’ll check back in about 5 or 6 hours. I’ll sleep on it, if thats ok..It’s 3am here!

      • LexoKat

        11 am here. Just getting started with my writing/reading. By the time you check back I will be in your situation, lol. Have a good night!

    • jthealthyfit

      Ok, yeah I understand where you are coming from. It’s very tough to put Him first. And to be honest, I’m guilty of the same thing. I spend way too much time on school and other things, so of course, the only time I spend with Him is when I intermittently listen to Christian music throughout the day, early in the morning and when I read my daily devotionals and read the Bible at night. Does He understand we’re all busy and have our goals?? Of course! Our true and honest hearts toward Him is the important thing. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we should always have Him in mind and lean on Him with our life’s problems and goals. Granted, we’re not suppose to be “give me, give me,” because that’s not a healthy relationship to have. And that’s exactly how it should be. A relationship with God. Just like any other relationship, you must put the time and effort in. Not saying you don’t because I know you do, We just have to be servants for Him and put Him first, as hard as it is to do. You know just like how you’re unsure of your future, with university and such, well He will provide. It’s just a test. We’re not suppose to brunt all the stresses of life on our own. We’re suppose to give them to God. Completely agree with you’re own talks with God. Our prayers and talks are very personal because only Him knows us the best, from the inside out. I hope I’m making sense..

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