12 Years for 12 Seconds

I typically don’t post multiple times in a day, but I found something that needs to be said/posted.  Earlier,  I stumbled upon this video of an amazing athlete, Lolo Jones; you may know the name.  She’s a US olympic hurdler and is becoming the most talked about athlete for the Olympic Games.

The question for you is: have/will you ever find yourself training/studying/educating a long period of time for such a short test?  Can you imagine, sacrificing your life, time, relationships, friendships, and so on for so long?  It’s unfathomable to think about such preparations, the hours, the sweat and tears, the anguish, the injuries.  She’s sacrificing her life because she loves it.  It’s plain and simple.

Sacrifice to live.  That’s a true athlete!  Are you one?!


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2 responses to “12 Years for 12 Seconds

  • LexoKat

    I’m not a true athlete and I don’t even want to be one. I would kill my trainer or whoever if he raised his voice to me or pressurised me. I hate pressure and stuff like ‘I’m so disappointed, you could’ve done better.’ They don’t help me, but they make me hate you, especially the first part. It’s like, I know this already, why should you tell me too? -.-

    Arghh, never mind me. Quite hyper this morning.

    • jthealthyfit

      It’s tough being an athlete just from what you said. The pressure and high expectations are very hard to live up to, very true. It comes down to motivation though. That’s what those coaches/trainers are there for. To teach, to motivate, to encourage. Yes, sometimes it is negative, but it’s in a way to push you farther than what yourself would allow you to. And sometimes it is discouraging, but sport is used as an opportunity to succeed and accomplish goals in the face of adversity.

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