Have You Fallen on Your Face?

I was recently listening to Klove via internet radio and a listener called in to tell a story.  She let her child “fall on her face” (not literally) with a school project she didn’t want to do with her.  So the mom let her turn the project in partially done.  And of course, it’s from the stance that the girl would take something away from this experience.

Have you ever “fell on your face” and completely failed at doing something or forgot an assignment?  Don’t you hate that roller coaster heart drop once you’ve realized your mistake?

Yes, we’ve probably all been there.  A major screw up seems inevitable.  But it’s not about the mistake we’ve made, it’s how we react to it.  Do we learn our lesson or do we continue to make the same mistake over and over?  If you’ve been trying to change, whether it’s a bad habit or what, we always seem to catch ourselves either before or after.  Or we are oblivious of our actions and feelings.  In essence, we don’t realize we’ve been sucked back into the same lifestyle until we’ve literally fallen on our faces.

We become desperate for help.  We want change again.  It’s different this time, right?  Of course.  It’s always different.  Doesn’t matter what you tell yourself or others, it’s up to YOU to keep that change.  YOU, yourself are the obstacle, not anyone else.  Ask Him for strength and YOU will change!


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4 responses to “Have You Fallen on Your Face?

  • Mel

    You are right, we, ourselves, are indeed the problem. Our flesh is the problem. Our sinful nature is the problem. You are right that we need His strength. We need to fall upon the His grace and stand upon His victory. We are weak…and in our weakness, His strength is perfected.

    Thanks for another great post! Blessings!! 🙂

    • jthealthyfit

      I completely agree! It’s our eyes that steer us away from Him. Because we all know, our hearts will always want to live for Him. It’s the temptations. It’s the pressures. It’s everything of worldly things that take us away from His vision. My whole life, I’ve always been that guy to emulate and follow. My priorities were to impress others. To be that trendsetter. To be the one that never disappoints. Now that I’ve realized I did those things because I was afraid of what people thought of me, rather than doing them to be a good model for Christ is soo eye opening. It’s soo much more than pleasing others. There’s a difference to please others for Him than to please others for yourself. One is everlasting, and one isn’t. You’re right. We are weak. We are always our own worst enemies. I know that’s cliche, but it’s true. Our passions, our pressures, our thoughts always get in the way of what’s truly important. Whew, I went off on a tangent, sorry. Thanks for commenting though!

      • Mel

        I don’t know how I’m just know reading this comment but it is amazing. Praise God. He has started a good work in you and He is faithful. Your testimony is awesome, one I can definitely relate to, and I’m honored and encouraged by you sharing it. This is how we overcome- the blood of the Lamb and the WORD of our testimony!!! God’s peace, love and grace to you!

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