Away from Comfortability Part I

After a short trip visiting friends, returning to the comfort of my home was nice.  When we get out of our elements, we must rely on different sources for comfort.  We no longer have our “favorite” piece of furniture or a special location to enjoy a favorite book.

Even getting work done is hindered.  What may have been a daily ritual may become a forgotten behavior.  Time spent by yourself or another is now spent with many.  No longer do you feel a sense of loneliness, but instead togetherness.  Of course, we all love catching up with old friends and reminiscing, but the comfortability and familiarity of your environment is obviously gone.

Thus, we must find comfort in other things, such as through the relationships alone.  We may not have the opportunity to kick your shoes off and relax, but instead, use the free time to get closer with them.  Create an experience that’s enjoyable and exciting.  No, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or anything.  Going to dinner with one of your best friends will suffice.

Even though you aren’t in your normal elements, let it not hinder your chance to get closer to your friends.  Being away from comfortability can be a spectacular opportunity to experience new things with loved ones.  It’s not a hindrance, but a promotion of friendship.


About jthealthyfit I am passionate about health/wellness, nutrition, sports and most importantly, my relationship with God. I have a Bachelor of Science in Health and Sport Studies from Miami University and a Master of Science in Sports Administration from Valparaiso University. I am a corporate wellness coordinator and personal trainer in Columbus, OH. Please email me for personal training rates at I'm excited to be working with you, God Bless! View all posts by jthealthyfit

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