AON vs. CON: What is AON? Part I

The other day, I was listening to a Christian rock song and the words ‘all or nothing’ were constantly used.  Specificially in the chorus of the song as follows: “And I won’t give up on a dream, It’s all or nothing, The sound of doubt I’ll never need, It’s all or nothing.”

So this phrase, ‘all or nothing’ (AON) was starting to grow inside me.  What does it mean?  In my life, how far can this take me?  Do I go all out with everything I do in my life?  So I began to apply the phrase and examine my life in the context of AON.  I study as much as possible.  I exercise beyond my capacity.  I gain as much knowledge as I can.  I play sports with all effort and hustle.  Anything and everything I do, I strive to do it as best as I can.  I’ve done this my entire life.

But is this the way we should be living?  Should we always be doing everything ‘all or nothing?’  Do it or don’t do it at all.  Hum.  This is an interesting concept.  Think about it again, do it or don’t do it at all.

Basically, if you don’t think you have the capacity to complete the task, don’t do it at all.  Is this a test of character?  Would you settle for none simply because you don’t think of yourself as capable?  Let me ask you this, why don’t we achieve certain goals or aspirations?

First and foremost, obstacles or barriers in our way.  Either internal or external deterrents cause personal feelings of incapacity.  In other words, because of previous past failures, we question, we doubt ourselves the next time around.  As a result, we don’t even try the task at hand.  Where would our country be if we simply gave up after the first try?

The focal point is about the process, about the effort, about the reason why we’re giving an ‘all or nothing’ effort.  If we succeed, what do we gain?  We gain credibility, success, pride, accomplishment, etc, etc.  After we’ve accomplished a task, then what?  Ater that success wears off, then what?  We simply find something else to fill the void.  Just like any habit, a habit cannot be broken, it simply is replaced with another habit.  When we have an effort of ‘all or nothing,’ we’re driven by accomplishments, we’re driven by success, we’re driven by external recognition.  Where is this going to get us in life?

Think about this.  How valuable are the successes and accomplishments when we’re at the end of our lives?  Not to be negative or anything, but if we’re about to see the Lord face to face, how insignificant is this ‘all or nothing’ effort that’s defined by our Earthly ‘expensive pieces of paper’ degrees, scholarships, money, houses, jobs, etc?  Wouldn’t we want something more Spiritually valuable and something that’s truly everlasting?!

Come back soon for AON vs. CON: What Is CON?  Part II.

Please comment below on what you think CON is or any other thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


About jthealthyfit I am passionate about health/wellness, nutrition, sports and most importantly, my relationship with God. I have a Bachelor of Science in Health and Sport Studies from Miami University and a Master of Science in Sports Administration from Valparaiso University. I am a corporate wellness coordinator and personal trainer in Columbus, OH. Please email me for personal training rates at I'm excited to be working with you, God Bless! View all posts by jthealthyfit

2 responses to “AON vs. CON: What is AON? Part I

  • asd539

    Ok, this may be my new favorite blog to read. You hit on something I experienced myself yesterday. I have this leg injury that is keeping me from running for a few weeks, so a close friend of mine suggested aqua jogging. I never did that before and it, as you probably know, includes using the deep end of a swimming pool. I am a budding triathlete and am lacking one thing, the swim. I can swim, but I have this fear of the deep end, or deep water. I used the AON concept you talked about and let go of the side of the swimming pool and jogged without anything around me. It felt so good to get over that fear, it was an amazing feeling. Then to top it all off I swam from one end of the pool to the deep end and back. Wow, AON is awesome!! Thanks for a great post. 🙂

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