If my life hasn’t been enough proof I’ve been renewed and changed by Jesus Christ, watch these videos.  It doesn’t matter who you are, we all have our histories, mistakes, and regrets.  It doesn’t matter to Him.  He can move through you, no matter where you are in life or what your circumstances.

There are also some fitness motivational videos to help you through your fitness/nutrition/exercise goals.  Never give up!  Embrace the journey of new challenges, physical changes, and healthy lifestyle choices!

Career path altered.  He found more success in ministering to others through music through God’s strength.

God Can’t Sleep!

Such an amazing voice and her story is unbelievable!

It’s not really a video, but just a fantastic song, recommended by an amazing person!


CrossFit is taking the world by storm.  First fitness program to embrace the competitive nature of sports.  Are you willing to try?!

For all of you CrossFitters, great motivational video, featuring Chris Spealler and Heather Bergeron!

Such an amazing voice.  Grew up in the church her entire life.  Bright future!

Great interview!  This embody’s the fun and exciting relationship we all should have with Jesus Christ.

Voiceless, God still moves.

Rapper Lecrae shares his testimony of Jesus Christ.  Shows you that we’re never too far lost to be saved by Him.

KJ-52 giving his life to Christ

Toby Mac gives 3 tips for living a good and fulfilling Christian life

The Gospel in Four Minutes

God is always there for us!

Please watch other videos on Nick about his amazing story and why God put him on this Earth.

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.  Great video! Watch!

This is a fabulous song by Jeremy Camp, called I Still Believe.  He also has a book of the same title.  Please, please read this book if you have a chance!  It’ll only take a few hours to read, but it’s worth it.  If you’ve ever fell to your lowest low and couldn’t get back up, his inspirational story will help you through.  There’s hope in the roughest times, if you put your trust and faith in Him.  It’s only $10 from his website below!

Check out this video, fantastic story of the ex-lead singer of Korn, a hard-rock band, turned to Christ to answer all of his problems!


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